Sep 28, 2009

Rhythm J Gets Placement on Fox Pilot

Celebrate my Fox Pilot placement by watching it!!

Parties, sex, money, and drugs. These are the vices consuming a group of affluent friends in New York City. "Some are puppets and some are people, but they don't care because they are all equal."

"Hills" fans prepare to get bashed! HA!

Hop da Great - Bigger Than L.I.F.E ft. Microphone Bully

A lot of quality video releases recently - this is one way to separate the legit artists who have a plan and direction and the ones who just do this for a hobby!


Dope and very well directed/shot/edited video from David E Beats

Sep 25, 2009

Sha Stimuli-"Move Back" Feat. Freeway - Produced by Just Blaze

The anticipation grows!

"My Soul To Keep" Album Out Oct 27th

You can also check the track "I'm A Star" from the Hotter Than July I produced for Sha over here ----->

Sep 17, 2009

Our President Keeps It Real

More of a reason why Obama will be my Idol for LIFE.

Sep 16, 2009

R.H.Bless - Click Clack

Here's a heater from R.H.Bless and his Brooklyn accomplice M. Reck over EMPD's "Knick Knack Patty Wack" entitled "Click Clack."

R.H.Bless & M. Reck "Click Clack"

Read J Hatch's Get Your Buzz Up artist feature with Block Exchange Ent's own R.H.Bless at Bless discusses his hip hop influencers, music and continuous grind. Check out the latest video's from the Block Exchange president. Read here... While you're there sign up and be a part of Get You Buzz Up's community for free.

Sep 10, 2009

Get Right - Pussy, Kicks & Comic Books

“Many are recorded, few are made…” a quotation from a new, Philadelphia bred artist “Get Right”. This new sensation is turning heads in the streets, airwaves, industry… EVERYWHERE. Philly’s most sought-out free agent, “Get Right”, hasn’t failed to disappoint with his new mixtape, “Pussy, Kicks & Comic Books”. Now in the times where artists like T.I., Young Jeezy, and Lil Wayne (The HOVA of the South), are getting more respect and airplay than most northern rappers (even Soulja Boy gets more play than Jadakiss!), rap up north has no doubt needed a savior. Get Right just might be that messiah. From track 1-20 “Pussy, Kicks & Comic Books” was on point, from the beats to his Lupe like flow; sh*t nearly every bar was either dope or funny. The delivery and production was solid and presented in a cinematic fashion. I’m normally the first to trash a mixtape but I’m going to have to say that “Pussy, Kicks & Comic Books” might be the underground mixtape of the year… so far. As far as I’m concerned, the game has fallen off, everyone is recording, and just about ANYONE can get signed, but I predict Philly’s newest big hit, will be a made national *SUPERSTAR*.

Check him out @ , (a video of him on BET's "The Deal"), or listen to him @

Sep 7, 2009

New Music: Frank Ramz – ‘The Traitor’

New Frank Ramz!!! This dude's rate of output of music is off the charts! I'm talkin quality as well!

Frank also won a UMA for #1 rap contender in 09.

Check out his myspace page to hear the track.

This is some original music by ‘The Menahan St. Band’ (look them up). The same track was cut and used on 50 cent’s ‘War Angel’ mixtape.

Kanye Spazzes On Paparazzi..... Again ( Will They Ever Learn)

See Kanye flip out at the paparazzi.

"DO NOT FOLLOW ME!!" Hope he doesn't put that on his twitter.