Dec 17, 2009

Italian Fist Pumps

Ok, so as one with an Italian heritage from the tristate area I feel like I have a legitimate obligation to say something about the POS Jersey Shore show on MTV. Now that the public has their full attention of this show given the "punch heard 'round the world"... which makes that "bitch slap" from The Real World back in the 90s look like Sesame Street. First off, go figure it's a Viacom reality show to begin with... I would have said it was either them of Fox who would have aired this. It's unfortunate I have to call these pieces of garbage with Dragon Ball Z haircuts one of my own nationality.

If anyone has seen the show - there's a toolbox on there that refers to his abs as "The Situation".... I can't speak for the Italians... I really can't...

Unfortunately, there's an extremist group within every race/nationality - and they bring out the bad in all of us - let us all rise above the human labels.

Dec 16, 2009