Jun 27, 2009

Mike Miller's Manifesto

Check my dude Mike Miller comin in the game STRONG with his debut project, Mike Miller's Manifesto. Understandable lyrics, no guns, no fantasy rap, no fake thug ish... you know... realistic lyrics? Remember those? Check his philosophy.

Production from Apollo Brown, Nicolay, Dj Caspa, beatnick, K-Salaam,DJ Jazzy Jeff + more!

DOWNLOAD HERE: http://files.me.com/mediamogul/mj6c5r

Jun 26, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson MJ Mobile holds up NYC traffic with people dancing in the streets

If you were out last night - here was there scene!
An impromptu Dance tribute to Michael Jackson holds up Traffic!

This dude is the MAN for hittin the streets.

Jun 25, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

What can I say about this....

Jun 24, 2009


I am going to be literally in 2 places at once tomorrow!


The Rebel Starr Listening Party @ the Industry Cosign w/BIG CED Thursday June 25th @ Negril (70 W 3 St b/w Thompson and LaGuiardia)

The Rebel Starrebellion is officially here! Be the first to check out the new hits from the highly anticipated forthcoming album from NYC's Neo Quantum Retro Hip Hop Boy Girl Duo

There is NO cover, dress is FRESH, no shorts. 21 and Over w/ ID

Red Carpet 8PM Show 930PM

See what Raydar Ellis has to say about it!


Congrats event for Sic Osyrus on his recent "Off The Radar" feature in the July Issue of The Source Magazine and release of "Sic O Nomics" Vol 3 Mixtape

IMG will be having a RSVP only Press Day and Party from 7-11pm Thursday June 25th @ Velour (297 10th Avenue at 27th Street)

Music by DJ Ace Of Spades and The Uncrowned King Of NY, Bedtyme357 (Remy Ma's Official DJ)

Click HERE to see Sic Osyrus in The Source

Ladies half price drinks all night, regular happy hour drink specials apply from 7-8pm
There is NO cover, dress is industry casual but neat, no shorts. 21 and Over w/ ID

Press requests from 7-9pm in 10 minute intervals for those who would like to Interview Sic Osyrus. Press Kit at www.sonicbids.com/sicosyrus1
For Press and General RSVP please email your name and publication and time slot for Interview (await confirmation for specified time), all general RSVP email your name and number of guests in your party, all inquires should be directed to inasirkl@gmail.com

Jun 16, 2009

9th Wonder, I'll Mind, Statik Selektah, Drumma Boy, Black Milk, name Top 5 producers of all time, + One Stop Shop Recap

Ever wonder who your favorite producers' top 5's are?
Well here is it is! On video for all of us to see... the word is out!!

Again, if you missed the One Stop Shop Producer Conference, here goes some exclusive footage... both of these videos are partially from my private collection along with others'

Jun 15, 2009


On Tuesday around 7PM I will be on Hate Money Radio with DJ Bedtyme 357 - check the live stream below and be sure to tune in!! I will interviewed by both members of Rebel Starr!

Can't see the screen??

Go here: http://www.stickam.com/919live

iStandard Producer Showcase @ Don Hills Wed. 6/17

Anyone who wants to remain or become relevant in this game needs to be at this event on 6/17 @ Don Hills! click on the pic for more details. there will also be a celebration of Skyzoo's recent signing to Duck Down Records! I'll see all people who grind there.

Jun 14, 2009

Sneakers and Robots_Knotty Phabrix

This shit is the truth - shout out to Brazen for gettin this to me......

I get several mp3 emails per day by major artists, indy artists, etc... but THIS one really stood out to me... take a listen! If this track blows up you'll know that RHYTHMJ was the first to post it HERE!

Title: Sneakers and Robots
Artists: Knotty Phabrix
Produced by: Brazen of KP
Project: Sneakers And Robots
Release: Summer of '09


Jun 11, 2009

Jay- Z Death of Autotune - The Aftermath

As opposed to popular belief, this blog isn't just an advertising billboard for me to just post link after link to song after song... Unlike most blogs out there you can actually READ a few things...

For the sake of my own sanity, I gotta put in my 2 cents about Jay Z's Death of Autotune... Literally overnight, D.O.A. jumped from Hot 97 to an online music invasion. The beat first of all IS CRAZY! A List! The song itself, however has an internal issue of having too big of a concept to even be a song! The lyrics, honestly, aren't Jay's best... and that's tough coming from me by personally... being such an avid fan and following his career to the point that the first Blueprint was basically my theme music in the summer of '01 as many of you probably shared that same experience! Fast forward to now, we have the former president of Def Jam singing off key on a hook and could have just let it be.... "C'mon Jay's just havin fun with it tho, he's sayin his last goodbyes to autotune that genius"......Before I get corrected... I get it. However the very foundations of a recording is that a RECORDING is FOREVER, you can't go back after you record the original... So what have a sub par singing performance because you feel like it? i'm not askin Jay to have perfect pitch or anything, but maybe no ID or Kayne or someone else in the studio could have said "umm... hey jay I don't think the key you're singing in matches the beat". it's not like Jay can do his super human mental writing and think of something else that would have made more sense... it would have taken him 5 minutes to think of something else... If even that....

Also, before people start hating on the 10001 remixes we will probably get from this song (I've personally heard about 4 already) saying that "people need to stop ripping off classic tracks...
Producers don't leave and extra full verse and hook part as an outro to a song for fun... they do it so people can jack the mp3, loop it and release their own version without having to wait for the next Armz CD to come out.

Let's hope Jay's DOA DOES in fact bring the Death to a lot of sub par autotune careers and allow people to fall back on the effect for a bit... I've been hearing A&R's saying "no more autotune" since last year anyways... so FALL BACK!!!!

Jay do us all a favor and make another one call D.O.O.R. - Death of overrated "rappers"

Jun 10, 2009


Fresh off the release of his mixtape Bring That Beat Back Vol. 1, Block Exchange's boss RH Bless brings you "No Need for Words" over the D.O.A. beat. The cut is off of Bless' next mixtape Unsignable. As usual Bless avoid all the hokey-pokey lyrics and gives you raw, uncut bars. Listen in.


Jun 8, 2009

The industry is buzzin once again!

As most of you know Sic Osyrus has been working very hard to get his name known through his diligent work ethic. Sic Osyrus has had a stellar year thus far, and it's getting better by the day. This 'Off The Radar' feature in July's issue of The Source (which gets released nationwide) is an extra special look because of the 'Power 30' feature which is the best selling issue consistently every year for the mag, print is about 400k nationwide.

In other news, Rebel Starr's summer is looking to be something special as they wll be opening up for Gucci Mane later on this summer! If anyone has seen them live you can agree that their energy and animation is uncanny!

Rebel Starr's debut album will be dropping soon so keep an eye out for that!
To hold you over take a listen to their EP "Adventures in the Boondocks"