May 26, 2010

Nico the Beast - Album Artwork - "The Beast WIthin" June 22nd + 2 Exclusives

One of the most talked about and anticipated releases on June 22nd isn't just Em's Recovery Album, but Nico the Beast's The Beast Within which is slated to drop on what should otherwise be called "real lyrics Tuesday"

Above is the official artwork by BlackTagMedia (

Here are the tracks that are buzzing right now that need to add to your iTunes ASAP!

Download: Wake the Beast (prod Vanderslice)

Download: One Time (feat Stupid Genius, prod by Vibe a.k.a. ill Clinton)


New Music: Frank Ramz & Shortman Score - "Down In The Bx"

Download: Frank Ramz & Shortman Score - "Down In The Bx"

May 20, 2010

New Video: Wyld Stylaz 'Get Wit It'

Wyld Stylaz stands for being unpredictable and "Wyld", yet stylish and classy at the same time. Example, The industry is like a deck of Uno cards & Wyld Stylaz are defined to be the Wyld Cardz, with the ability to be/produce anything at any moment (All types of Music)! This video/song simply tells the world that they too can do the same! Just "Get Wit it" and live your life to the fullest!