Jul 16, 2009

iStandard Producer Showcase Philly Edition


Be sure to check this monster of a show...

Rhythm J WILL be in the building for his first trip out to the producer Philly scene...

This is a WAY overdue homecoming for me... Even though I admittedly now FROM there - I seem to get much more love and recognition from there than from my NYC people! I can partially thank the likes of 2ew Gunn Ciz, Nico the Beast, and the rest of the Rap Pack for this respect by association! Good lookin out fellas.

Jul 13, 2009

Slap Chop Auto Tune

Just further proof that any asshole artist with no talent can use autotune and make a hit. However, genius production to make a strong point.. just in case you missed D.O.A.

An infomercial never sounded better.

Jul 7, 2009

2ew Gunn Ciz/ Brizzo EP: "Designer Drug" Mixed by Rhythm J

Today marks the official release of BC: The Designer Drug - 2ew Gunn Ciz and Brizzo's EP of grit and grime with touches of slick soul, brass sections, lowered eyebrows, scrunched faces, and melodic confrontations!

Officially sponsored by that little hip hop blog 2DopeBoyz, BC the Designer Drug welcomes new music listeners as well as die hard grizzlies salavating for their next fix of quality brand name audio product!
As ciz says, "I recommend you play this on the big speakers."

All 9 tracks mixed by Rhythm J!

Free download:
Brizzo and Cizzo - BC: The Designer Drug EP

Jul 6, 2009

Drawzilla's Last Mixtape : Signed Sealed Delivered


Drawzilla's Last Solo Album Ever

"Once Again It's On" produced by Rhythm J
Drawz himself has the following to say about the album in his trademark bright orange!!

Download Here:

Drawzilla: Signed Sealed Delivered
"Once Again It's On" produced by Rhythm J

One Stop Shop Recap - brand new video

You can catch me at the 10:10 mark - this video is gettin mad hits too show me some love!!

For more footage check www.istandardproducers.com

Jul 3, 2009

A Gift To My Fellow Producers

In light of celebrating our independence tomorrow and me just feeling generous, I decided to post a free drum sound library for all of you to share. You can never have enough sounds.



Jul 1, 2009

New TaeOne album - Midnight

Please support my dude TaeOne's most recent Release of his Production album: Midnight. TaeOne has composed the makings of a classic. Already receiving love on other sites, this album features remixes from Andre 3000, Big L, The Clispe, Jay Z, Lex of Sinistah Circle, AZ, CBC, and the Midnight Specialists

Born and bred in Washington Heights, notoriously a hotbed for hip hop, taeOne first dabbled in the scene as a graff writer, roaming the streets and subway tunnels of New York's underground. After getting popped by the cops for vandalism, he got his hands on an Akai s20 and decided to use his creative energy more productively as a beatsmith.

taeOne curates a sound that captures and expands on the spirit of 90s hip hop. Naming the Beatminerz, Organized Noise, and Jay Dee as influences, no sound or tempo is off limits. taeOne's versatility means his beats are at home in the seediest strip clubs and the finest upscale lounges.

His new album, Midnight, is dedicated to all those who thrive on the energy of the dark and eerie early hours. The calmness/ dread that nighttime brings has always been a real inspiration for taeOne musically. A lot of what made 90's golden era hip hop (Mobb Deep, Nas, Black Moon, Wu Tang) so classic was the dark sinister tone of Giuliani era New York City, especially at night. With this album taeOne expands on that tone and breaths new life into a generation of Hip Hop that is close to lost.

1. Who It Is ft. Midnight Specialists

2. Get Busy ft. CBC

3. Moment of Silence

4. Preach it to the Choir

5. Ovaltine

6. Emotionless ft. Clipse

7. To the Stage ft. Big L

8. Spaceships ft. Andre 3000

9. Can't Stop ft. AZ

10. Liquor Stores & Whorehouses

11. Abserd ft. LEX

12. Anabolic ft. Midnight Specialists

13. Sweet ft. Jay Z

Download TaeOne - Midnight

Reynos - Get Paper Video

This may be a little late, but I ask me if I wanted your opinion about that??
There are still a ton of people who have not been exposed to these 2 dope projects!

First off show love to Reynos' latest video of "Get Paper" produced by my dude Frankie P