Mar 6, 2009

One Stop Shop Producer Conference Dates Confirmed

Damn!! Well... It looks like I'm going to be booking my flights soon...

Between the ASCAP I Create Music Expo ...

And THIS?!!

I'm just gonna have to go to both!

I feel like a lot of things went down this week! Between my production and mixing clients, to the usual iStandard VP day to day things... I found myself saying out loud in conversation to someone, "I need a team of people to handle my own shit it feels like" - I didn't even mean to say it like look at me I'm important... it just one of those moments of realization.

Take this blog for example - I would LOVE to update it daily... only thing is... I'm doing this stuff myself! No management, no team, nothing... it's just me and my network right now...

Aside from cutting even more hours of sleep each day, the daily grind just seems to more important than ever! I'm sure a lot of you can relate.

Hope to See you in PHX or LA fellow producers! Artists you need to be there too!

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