Apr 16, 2009

The 10 Management Commandments

The main purpose for this blog is not to only show my personal preferences, but for all the up and coming producers who are ready to take that next step... who don't have as much of a grasp on the business side as I do... Working with ASCAP and having a LOT of hiphop folks asking me certain questions gets me a little worried about the overall industry's level of knowledge a good percentage of the know how the urban community possesses... And that's not even trying to be arrogent or cocky... It's a real concern... Hip Hop community do your research PLEASE... I can't tell you how many people think "owning their own publishing" is a good thing when they have 0 buzz!

A few weeks ago, I touched on how there is so much shit I'm doin right now that I found myself saying out loud that I needed a TEAM of people to go as hard as I want to go with this passion I have...

Handling it myself takes a lot of time away from the creative side... I'm one to know a thing or two about time management, but no matter how thin you slice it I should be creating a hell of a lot more!!

Here are the Management Commandments I have come up with. I am activly seeking management right now... But I will NEVER ask someone to manage me... If that's the case it would just be a forced relationship...

If you are interested in managing myself... Or any other producer for that matter... I am really praying you meet most of the following qualifications...

The 10 Management Commandments

1. Have an office and don't run your meetings out of you're crib... I can't describe how bad this looks.

2. "I got some connects from Ruff Ryders, my dude's cousin who used to run with them in the late 90s"... Um ok... Have an extended network with REAL long term business relationships.

3. Have your own shit together... Child support payments, pending DWI cases, hard drug addiction, etc... I'm simply am not fuckin with you.

4. Management or some angle of the music business should be your full time gig or is about to be very very soon. You're not just starting your internship at Atlantic Records.

5. You need to have some sort of reputation, doesn't even have to be on some Hollywood shit... Just someone who a whole lot of people know and have very good things to say about you.

6. A massive mailing list... You don't need to be a professional spammer, but have a deep but nitche specific list with a large mail opening percentage. "Rhythm what u mean opening percentage rate". Um ... Don't worry about it see ya is my answer to that.

7. You need to know the business - your every day conversation has to impress me with the power moves you are makin. You have to be 3 steps ahead of me and there should be no waiting on you to do something. Also knowing how to give directions and visions descriptively and clearly with no room of miscommunication.

8. Easy to get in touch with... Actually checks emails, returns calls etc.

9. Knows how to talk to people with respect and remains humble but at the same time makes their presence known.

10. Has an overall PLAN on where they will be in the future and has all the resources to do so. Just isn't a one man show but someone who has a whole team... it could be interns, full time employees it doesn't matter, a real manager knows they can't be at the computer doing the overwhelmingly time consuming but simple things that go into putting out a product.

If you fit or mostly fit the above description... Hit me up by one of the means on the right hand side of this blog... And have a nice day.

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