Jun 8, 2009

The industry is buzzin once again!

As most of you know Sic Osyrus has been working very hard to get his name known through his diligent work ethic. Sic Osyrus has had a stellar year thus far, and it's getting better by the day. This 'Off The Radar' feature in July's issue of The Source (which gets released nationwide) is an extra special look because of the 'Power 30' feature which is the best selling issue consistently every year for the mag, print is about 400k nationwide.

In other news, Rebel Starr's summer is looking to be something special as they wll be opening up for Gucci Mane later on this summer! If anyone has seen them live you can agree that their energy and animation is uncanny!

Rebel Starr's debut album will be dropping soon so keep an eye out for that!
To hold you over take a listen to their EP "Adventures in the Boondocks"

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