Jul 25, 2010

BeatTips Music Review: Nico The Beast - 'The Beast Within'

As a producer for this album, as well as the main mixer on this project, I am proud of this review and it just goes to show that hard work pays off sometimes.

Shouts to Amir Sa'id for the Article:

Nico The Beast's album, The Beast Within, opens with a question: "Are you a talker or a doer?" Fortunately for fans of non-watered down hip hop/rap music, Nico's an aggressive "doer." In fact, the entire offering plays out like the journal of a hard-nose man who's lived it, and more poignantly, lived thru it.

On the track, "You Mean Everything" (beat by Rhythm J), an incredibly emotional and painful track, Nico uses a hushed delivery (something that works here, but shouldn't be repeated) to drop a wrenching recounting of the loss of his infant song. And Nico's vocals are made whole by Rhythm J's haunting instrumental, which taps the essence of the doo wop era, with searing touch and mastery. This song embodies musical artistry, and presents Nico in its finest moment. It also gives notice that the rest of the album is worthy of a close listen.

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