Oct 4, 2009

Midnight Specialists 2nd Leak, "The Ills"

Hot off the presses with their debut LP "The All Nighter", the Midnight Specialists present you with the second leak from said album, "The Ills"

This is one you just have to listen to. Describing it is a waste of time. taeOne comes with an intense beat that changes up multiple times and is laced with a ferocious tale of urban paranoia and adversity courtesy of the Master. this track will require multiple spins. Enjoy and look out for the All Nighter coming next week.



  1. this album is horrible. not even worth the free download.

    all lyrics have homosexual undertones to them. I think these rappers are trying to represent the homosexual community, not a good idea in hiphop. do what u want but keep that fruitcake stuff to yourself.

    also this album is sonically horrible. sounds like it was recorded in thier moms room with a chat mic plugged into sound recorder on windows 98.


    thumbs down