Oct 19, 2009

Midnight Specialists - the All Nighter Free Download

The Midnight Specialists consist of MC extraordinaire, the Master, and beat-smith taeOne. Their debut album, The All Nighter, is a brooding and cautionary tale of modern urban life in New York City. The Master provides personal insights and lyrical dexterity rarely seen in todays hip hop. taeOne’s soundscapes range from classic east coast boom bap to drum and bass. The combination results in a display of a plethora of styles that manifests itself in the form of a struggle between cynical disdain and undying faith, dripping with chest-vibrating bass and wielding an edge of paranoia. Their style is rooted in the classic New York rap sound, with Boot Camp Click and Organized Konfusion being central influences.

They begin the album with a scary and off putting rant from comedic legend George Carlin recorded shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This sense of dread is a central element of the album and provides the Midnight Specialists with the fury needed to make a classic New York City hip hop album.

Album link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?n1zj2nmdtfn


"East Coast trio The Midnight Specialists provide three verses of paranoid street rap over three different beats. It’s very trippy and it requires multiple listens. I rarely get anything this good from a random blast. Might have to kinda sorta check this album out when it drops." - metallungies.com

"I gave it a listen while I was home for a bit Saturday and was amazed by the track. It's slower in nature, but has some cool sounds entrenched into the rhythm. But what it does mainly is let Reef, Lex and the rest of the MCs just run a muck all over the track. We know what Reef is capable of and it's good to hear my good friend Lex kill a track again. Great song all the way around." - www.wydublog.com (Wake Your Daughter Up)

"Midnight Specialists (The Master & taeOne) release the first leak off their upcoming record, The All Nighter, featuring Philadelphia's own Reef the Lost Cauze, as well as guest verses from Lex and Amen. This track is a must download for those that can never get enough of that grimey East Coast boom bap sound that leans toward lyricism and bravado, rather than swagger and style." - http://theurbankerouac.blogspot.com

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