May 16, 2009

BIG Stone Temple Pilot Announcement plus some One Stop Shop pics

While I was out at the One Stop Shop Producer Conference, there I was reunited with 2ew Gunn Ciz aka the Rap Vinny Chase... clad in his trademark PHI Phillies Utley jersey, and red fitted Ciz was read for war as he made the following announcement... (see above)

Plus... here's a preview... JUST A SNIPPIT of what's to come... on this anticipated project...

DAMN... can't believe it's already Friday (Saturday morning technically)... exactly one week ago today I was packin for the PHX and on my way out to every producer's (big or just starting out) dream world aka the One Stop Shop.

You see them here first... here go some instant classic OSS pics... no captions needed...

...except on this one... No I did not take this last picture.... Shaolin in the building!

More Rhythm J footage to come.

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