May 30, 2009

Fiyah Marshall and the Brill Building

I was unexpectedly chillin in KMA Studio last night with Bermuda artist, Fiyah Marshall, and his manager. We kicked it for a bit and I was filling him in on some ASCAP info... check Fiyah Marshall's video below - he's on his way!!

Aside from Fabolous doing a session in the neighboring studio, the one thing that hit me was that it was the first time I stepped foot in the Brill Building - if you don't knnow the musical significance of the Brill Building and it's contribution to music... pick up this book... or google it.

While talking to the studio manager, Roz Rosner, he told us that we were actually standing in the exact place where all the pianos were lined up and some of the most prolific songwriters in history layed the foundation of Doo Wop! Entering that building is an experience within itself if you know the history and you have never been.

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  1. Fiyah Marshall is a serious spark waitin to ignite a huge flame in the industry. For a central resource to follow all his info check out and
    Keep De Vybez a Blazin!