May 8, 2009

Ready for the PHX Invasion, Sha Money's One Stop Shop Producer Conference with DJ Premier, Rza, Q Tip, Pete Rock, Just Blaze, + other power players

So here I am chillin in front of a computer... white shirt and tie looking all Corporate America... and I'm finishing up getting ready for the One Stop Shop Producer Conference that lifts off in just about about 12 more hours...

My plane leave @ 6:30AM EST and I'm goin thru time travel and landing around 9ish PHX time.

This is the 3rd year in a row us @ iStandard are going out to the OSS to do our thing and bring together some of the most powerful influential and legendary producers in the world, famous or not famous.... together, in one room... Don't believe me ? google it... as a matter of fact check out all your hip hop related twitter friends and see how many are going (I've been on my computer nerd shit recently so please excuse me)

Honestly having a bunch of producers in a room like this basically represents a huge fraternity party.... the reason I say fraternity is because there really is a brotherhood between producers... (male or female at that). We all speak the same language... we go through the same troubles... and we can relate to one another even if we are meeting for the first time.

I am definitely looking forward to this and even though I've been to a million panels... I always walk away having a higher self value than when I left - and that not even in a self amping up sort of way... Hopefully my next blog will bring the dopeness...

If you couldn't make it... maybe you should check out and catch up... and even sign up for the site (BIG PLUS it's free for song writers and artists.)

Just to reminise.. here are some shot from last year:

Rhythm J and Swizz Beatz!

From Left: DJ Toomp, No ID, DJ Don Cannon, Punch, 9th Wonder.

Rhythm J Statik Selektah

The iStandard Team:
Rhythm J. Don DI Napoli, Antwan, Ciz, J Hatch

Swizz's pile of Cd's literally after 5 minutes of him sitting down.

Green Lanturn, Swizz, Punch

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