Mar 7, 2010

NEW MUSIC: iStandard's Beast of the Beats III mixtape from Coast2Coast

Featuring: Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Serius Jones, Mike Knox, Clap Cognac & More!

Track 1- ‘Go Girl Remix’ Prod by The Letter C (
Track 2- Cousin Curtis ‘You Just Want The Money’ Prod by TR Productions (
Track 3- 50, Eminem, Lloyd Banks ‘Who Run It Remix’ Prod by Audio Narcotics (
Track 4- Serius Jones ‘Oh Baby’ Prod by Ceaser (
Track 5- LandLord, Gcode42o, O Smooth, Ed Mac ‘My Paypa’ Prod by Roger Dat (
Track 6- Escobanton ‘Take A Ride Wit Me’ Prod by Shomari (
Track 7- Young Bonez ‘Ya Worst Nightmare’ Prod by Young Roc (
Track 8- Mike Knox ‘Let It Rock’ Prod by Cardiak (
Track 9- One L1fe ‘About You’ Prod by The Breaks (
Track 10- Kamose ‘Jam Packed’ Prod by Dakota (
Track 11- Jay-Z and Nas ‘Success’ RMX Prod by Street Orchestra (
Track 12- Daniel Joseph ‘Slow Down’ Prod by DJ MentPlus (
Track 13- Mike Swift ft. J Hon ‘Do You’ Prod by Paro Paro Beatz (
Track 14- V.I.Kings ‘Backstroke’ Prod by The Equalizers (
Track 15- Scatta Free, Feed, Divine Drummah ‘Yaself’ Prod by Divine Drummah (
Track 16- Prodigy ‘Keep It Thoro’ RMX Prod by Shabeatz (
Track 17- Twin Gambino & G.O.D. Pt. 3 ‘Kings from Queens’ Prod by Vandersclice (
Track 18- ‘Something's Going On’ F/ Carter Woodz Prod. by Nachural (
Track 19- Mr. Focus 'The Future’ Prod by Daren Joseph (
Track 20- Dean Gray ‘Stay or Go’ Prod by Jemex (
Track 21- Eminem ‘My Name Is’ RMX Prod by AleGory (
Track 22- Kyle ‘So Long’ Prod by DN8 Productions (
Track 23- Clap Cognac ‘Like I Said’ Prod Rhythm J (
Track 24- David Jackson 'Supa Swagg' Produced by Nuthin Under A Million (

For more Info on iStandard go to

Download: The Beast of the Beats III Mixtape

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