Mar 1, 2010

The Official Beast of the Beats III Mixtape

The great producer winners from Beast of the Beats III are featured in this production gem

Beast of The Beats III Mixtape

Track 1- ‘Go Girl Remix’ Prod by The Letter C (
Track 2- Cousin Curtis ‘You Just Want The Money’ Prod by TR Productions (
Track 3- 50, Eminem, Lloyd Banks ‘Who Run It Remix’ Prod by Audio Narcotics (
Track 4- Serius Jones ‘Oh Baby’ Prod by Ceaser (
Track 5- LandLord, Gcode42o, O Smooth, Ed Mac ‘My Paypa’ Prod by Roger Dat (
Track 6- Escobanton ‘Take A Ride Wit Me’ Prod by Shomari (
Track 7- Young Bonez ‘Ya Worst Nightmare’ Prod by Young Roc (
Track 8- Mike Knox ‘Let It Rock’ Prod by Cardiak (
Track 9- One L1fe ‘About You’ Prod by The Breaks (
Track 10- Kamose ‘Jam Packed’ Prod by Dakota (
Track 11- Jay-Z and Nas ‘Success’ RMX Prod by Street Orchestra (
Track 12- Daniel Joseph ‘Slow Down’ Prod by DJ MentPlus (
Track 13- Mike Swift ft. J Hon ‘Do You’ Prod by Paro Paro Beatz (
Track 14- V.I.Kings ‘Backstroke’ Prod by The Equalizers (
Track 15- Scatta Free, Feed, Divine Drummah ‘Yaself’ Prod by Divine Drummah (
Track 16- Prodigy ‘Keep It Thoro’ RMX Prod by Shabeatz (
Track 17- Twin Gambino & G.O.D. Pt. 3 ‘Kings from Queens’ Prod by Vandersclice (
Track 18- ‘Something's Going On’ F/ Carter Woodz Prod. by Nachural (
Track 19- Mr. Focus 'The Future’ Prod by Daren Joseph (
Track 20- Dean Gray ‘Stay or Go’ Prod by Jemex (
Track 21- Eminem ‘My Name Is’ RMX Prod by AleGory (
Track 22- Kyle ‘So Long’ Prod by DN8 Productions (
Track 23- Clap Cognac ‘Like I Said’ Prod Rhythm J (
Track 24- David Jackson 'Supa Swagg' Produced by Nuthin Under A Million (

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